Miranda loses 59 lbs 6-4-2-2


Adding on the extra day will make the difference in losing weight. 30 minutes a day is better than an hour 3 days a week

At the beginning of the year there were many New Year’s resolutions my entire gym joined in for a 12-day meal plan, we had huge success! And 3 months later…


Mixed Martial Arts at Carla Fields Fitness,  on Sundays, at 2pm, was just what we needed to add variety and to trim the waist.  Shakoor is an awesome instructor, don’t…

How much water should you drink per day? Half your body weight.

Reduce your cortisol levels, heres how: Exercise, Drink Black Tea, Massage,  Meditate , Spritual Guidance, Listen to Calming Music, Find a Funny Friend, 

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