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Carla Fields Fitness, Inc., offers a full line of vitamins and supplements from GNLD™ and Premier Women’s Healthcare, designed to enhance any fitness program. These products can help with muscle gain or weight loss, as well as give extra energy. There are thousands of different supplements that can be used to help with every function of the body.

Contact us in Lithonia, Georgia, to learn about our selection of effective supplements or our personalized fitness program.

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Products And Services Include

Carla Fields

• Natural Herbs
• Mineral Care
• Antioxidants
• Protein Powders
• Sports Supplements
• Sugar Supplements
• Colonics with Yvonne Head 770-331-0738
• Children’s Supplements
• Vegetarian Supplements
• Supplements for Maintaining Blood Pressure
• Hormone Testing, including Thyroid
• Vitamin and Nutrient Testing
• Heart Rate Variability and Measure of Stress
• Food Sensitivity
• How to Eat for Your DNA
• Body Composition
• Testing Body Levels of Inflammation
• Facials and Esthetician Services by Paula

Products and services carla fields fitness