Carla Fields is an accomplished certified personal fitness expert with more than 33 years of practical and competitive experience. She started helping people achieve their fitness goals in 1991 as a fitness instructor for the YMCA™, Main Event Fitness, and Australian Body Works. Carla currently has her own facility, Carla Fields Fitness, Inc., located in Lithonia, Georgia. She emphasizes lifestyle changes through strength training and cardiovascular conditioning along with weight management by proper nutrition planning. She specializes in body sculpting, fat loss, and increasing energy. What sets Carla apart from other trainers is that she gets results. She works from both a psychological and physical standpoint to encourage you to stick with the program.

CFFI Mission Statement

“Transforming the physical well-being of individuals through personal training/wellness programs, emphasizing lifestyle changes, through strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, along with weight management by proper nutrition planning.”

Exercise/Nutrition is key to being healthy, and proactive against disease. While other companies may use one element to address the problem, an integrated approach with proven results from a test market is recommended. CFFI with 33 years of helping people achieve optimum health is highly sought after. In addition, adding Wellness Coaching from Marvelous Light Consulting, Diabetes Prevention Life Style Coaching and Healthy Living Fitness Instructor from Kaiser Permanente makes for a total package as it relates to addressing and improving the wellness in our community. Knowledge is power, combined with everyday living and practicing the life, actually doing the exercise/nutrition and learning “real world” what works and what sounds good on paper but doesn’t work, makes my approach unique.

Carla Fields

Carla creates individualized fitness plans by catering to people of all ages and backgrounds. This includes everyday people like homemakers, teachers, doctors, and lawyers, as well as television personalities and celebrities. She has worked with celebrities such as Monica Kaufman and Phylicia Rashad from The Cosby Show. Five times a year, she hosts an event for fibrosis and helps raise money for colleges.

Carla continues to demonstrate her lifelong commitment to fitness. She placed fourth in the Miss Exercise category for the WNBF Pro Figure in New York City in November of 2006.

She has been featured in several publications, including Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness (feature article, May 2007), Ebony – Body Talk (January and February 2007), Atlanta Woman (feature article and cover, August 2006), and The Atlanta Journal & Constitution.


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Deanine Grace


With a passion for science and a life-long devotee to intentional living, Deanine (Dee) Grace PhD is a woman on a mission to empower people to get the best healthcare available. She is a Patient Advocate with 5 years experience demonstrating to clients how to ask the right medical questions and engage with doctors to make informed health decisions leading to better health outcomes. She brings 21st century, evidence-based medical education to communities to change the landscape of disease incidence. Recent initiatives include the “Disease Proof Me!” program that energizes people to live a prevention lifestyle and end the costly burdens many preventable diseases have on our health care system and the vibrancy of our communities.

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Lavell Shipman


For athletes who are seeking improvement in agility, speed, vertical jumping skills, strength, and overall athleticism. Lavell was an All-American basketball player at Merced Junior College and earned All-Conference at the University of Hawaii Hilo. He ensures that the athlete will reach his or her highest potential through his program.

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Vanessa St. Julien


¡Hola! I’m Vanessa your Zumba Fitness Queen and welcome to Zumba Fitness & Health, LLC. I am a Registered Nurse, former Nurse Manager, and Educator with over 25 years experience in Critical Care and Cardiovascular nursing with an emphasis in nutrition, weight management, and diabetes. I am a Certified ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer, Basic Cardiac Life Support/CPR provider, certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and a licensed Zumba instructor in Zumba Basic 1, Zumba Basic 2, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, and Zumbatomic for kids. After making a lifestyle change for myself (and my family), along with my passion as a nurse in health & wellness, I developed a passion for fitness and to ultimately change peoples lives just like my life was transformed for the better. Zumba is about fitness-fun in a party-like atmosphere. Now…are you ready to ZUMBAAAAA?!!!

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