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Rina Preyan
Hi, My name is Rina Preyan. I started my fitness journey with Carla in December 2018 but I didn’t really commit to the process until January. I decided that my health was my wealth and nothing else was more important than me and my health. I started eating right and looking forward to accomplishing my weight loss goals with my trainer and her other amazing clients that are my family now. So when it gets hard in there and I burn and hurt all over, I remind myself to keep going and go back the next day because it feels like results. Thank you Carla and my CFFI family for all of the motivation and support you are giving me on this journey to a healthy life. 40 lb weight loss
Sherlonda Martin
Mother of 5 and now a size 6

"Carla is tough to see every day but the diligence has paid off. I’m hooked;
now my 8:30 am workout will be a 5:00am workout when my job starts in two weeks.
With Carla’s help and craziness, I got those last 15 pounds off and it made a world of difference.
Thanks Carla for continuing to push us mentally and physically.
It’s more than just the outer appearance that you are impacting."
Edith Biggers
The most difficult challenge for me now as I embark upon my 3rd year at CFFi is SUSTAINABILITY of my winning formula in the face of difficult circumstances.  I have learned a lot about myself----I have always been a stress eater (of carbs)---all or none. I continue to derive strength from those forces that have sustained me this year MY PRAYERS and CARLA’S EXPECTATION (NOT HOPE---BUT EXPECTATION) that I will succeed.  Carla has been my “ example by sight” of unshakeable faith, fierce tenacity, and victory over difficult circumstances. CARLA HAS SAVED MY LIFE!  She has not given up on me because she knows she has taught me well…but now the ball is in my court.
Miranda Coleman
One of my goals for the 2017 year was to get in the best shape of my life. I wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle through eating more nutritious foods and exercising on a consistent basis. I began doing group training with Carla around mid April. I was about 176 pounds and 35% body fat when I started. My original goal when I started with Carla was to just get down to 155 pounds. Carla set a goal for me to also get down to 20% body fat. I was just becoming aware of how important your body fat percentage really is. Carla enlightened me to the 6-4-2-2 (6 veggies, 4 proteins, 2 carbs, 2 fruits) eating plan which really helped me to make sure I was getting the macronutrients I needed while also helping me to keep my diet on track. I exercised in group training 6 days a week for four months. After a little over 3 months I had reached 20% body fat. As of August 18th, 4 months after starting, my weight is at 153 pounds and I'm at 19% body fat! Carla has definitely helped me to reach my goal of getting in the best shape of my life! I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with Carla and challenging myself to reach a new level of fitness!
Tanya Mitchell Graham
Day 335 so far, I have lost 33+ lbs with my trainer @carlafields since starting back with her in September, 2017. She is the perfect trainer for those of us 35 and up, although I’ve seen some as young as teenagers being trained by her over the past few months. After the chest and bicep weight training this morning, she had me do some drills (see the attached video). These drills and weight training, along with Carla’s meal plan, make it simple to meet nutritional goals as well as lose body fat. I am a witness to that!!! People keep asking me how I lost all this weight. The answer, quite simply, has been in these hashtags. #TeamCFFI #FitnessMotivation #StayCommitted #UnfattenMyself #EatRight #RestWell #DrinkWater #ComeWorkOutWithMe
I just started with Mrs. Carla and she is so awesome. Her knowledge and her passion definitely exceeded any other trainer I have ever trained with. She is definitely worth every penny. Mrs. Carla is very thorough and very honest about what needs to take place in order for you to reach your goals. She has provided much guidance in such a short period of time. I will recommend her to anyone that is willing to make a change in their fitness and overall health. I look forward to continuing to receive the results I have thus far. I'm super excited about this new body that Mrs. Carla has helped me to find the formula to carve out!
Jacqueline Bond
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