Baked Salmon on bed of Spinach, red onions and mushrooms. Marinated with olive oil and organic tamari soy sauce. Protein for two days .

Ground Turkey with spinach, bell pepper, onions, & celery, black beans and tomatoes on the side. Excellent source of protein and veggies no carbs for those of you trying to hold onto your muscle and drop body fat.

Air fried chicken wings, seasoned turnips and onions with broccoli.

Making Healthy choices at the airport isn’t  hard, many choices to keep you on track. Try Kale Spinach salad with Quinoa, Cranberries, Walnuts.

Ground turkey (drain oil),  bell pepper onion,  spinach/power greens and diced tomatoes, add a slice of pepper jack cheese if you’re not over  on your fat grams.

Put it all together 

In a hurry try Ground Turkey with Pico De Gallo,  Diced Tomatoes and Black Beans, serve over Baby Kale and Spinach mix. #CFFI

Grilled Salmon, over sweer kale/Asian Cabbage #teamCFFI 

In a hurry try this : Kale and Sring Mix salad with Godshalls Turkey Bacon (SAMS) Cranberries, Nuts, and  Raisins #TEAMCFFI 

On a hurry try Kale salad from Sams, add Turkey Bacon

Saute’ Kale and diced tomatoes in Olive Oil, Season with Mrs Dash ( it’s salt free), serve over Grilled Salmon

Eating Healthy Need extra protein, here’s a quick fix!

Turn your ordinary Wendys Salad into extra ordinary, add Kale, Sunflower seeds, and Cranberries

Tonya’s dinner Eating Healthy, 6-4-2-2

Edith Biggers 6-4-2-2

Kale and Salmon salad in Ginger vinaigrette

Kale, Spinach, grilled Chicken, sprinkled with cranberries #teamCFFI

Kale, ground turkey

Lunch / dinner, if you on a no carb diet, eliminate the Brown Rice, fill up on Salmon and Green Beans #teamCFFI

Carribean Grill, StoneCrest, Jeri Chicken and cabbage, cut the CARBS, opt for extra Veggies

In a Hurry, but trying to eat healthy, here’s a quick lunch, Veggies and white meat chicken, no sauce

I bought  the grilled Zenzation Salad from Zaxby’s and added my own Grilled in olive oil Kale leaves, to get extra Veggies

Veggies and Pan grilled Tilapia

Veggies and Protein, brown rice for energy If need.

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