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What Our Customers Say?

  • Sherlonda Martin
    Mother of 5 and now a size 6

    "Carla is tough to see every day but the diligence has paid off. I’m hooked;
    now my 8:30 am workout will be a 5:00am workout when my job starts in two weeks.
    With Carla’s help and craziness, I got those last 15 pounds off and it made a world of difference.
    Thanks Carla for continuing to push us mentally and physically.
    It’s more than just the outer appearance that you are impacting."
  • Edith Biggers
    The most difficult challenge for me now as I embark upon my 3rd year at CFFi is SUSTAINABILITY of my winning formula in the face of difficult circumstances.  I have learned a lot about myself----I have always been a stress eater (of carbs)---all or none. I continue to derive strength from those forces that have sustained me this year MY PRAYERS and CARLA’S EXPECTATION (NOT HOPE---BUT EXPECTATION) that I will succeed.  Carla has been my “ example by sight” of unshakeable faith, fierce tenacity, and victory over difficult circumstances. CARLA HAS SAVED MY LIFE!  She has not given up on me because she knows she has taught me well…but now the ball is in my court.
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